A self-hosted buzzer for online party-games.

Dead-Drop service

A secure way to share passwords or other sensible information.

Installing Ubuntu on a Dell XPS 15 - A story.

My journey installing Ubuntu on a new Dell XPS 15

Let's Encrypt is switching to a new root-certificate - too soon for Android

Let's Encrypt is switching its certificate chain to its own ISRG root certificate on July 8 ~2019~ 2020, which is way too soon for Android with its legacy devices

Publish libraries including a proguard-configuration

How to publish an android library and provide a proguard-configuration along.

How lazy is converted into a delegated property

Taking a look behind the magic of the 'by lazy' delegate construct.

GSON, data classes and the absence of constructor invocation

GSON as a deserializer of network responses with data classes seems to be quit a good solution. But with one or two small things to keep in mind, as I've learned today.

Hey there!

Starting up this blog for topics I'm tackling - not sure what to post here, though.